When it comes to adding the final details to your home, our vinyl department is ready to assist you in every way possible. We strive to provide quality products along with fast and friendly customer service. We can provide you with numerous ideas, colors, and style options for your deck or patio along with many other custom projects to add the final touch to your home.


Yes, we supply decking material, but we do so much more! Some of our other products include railing, gable ends, pergolas, and columns. Our vision is to not only to help our customers create their best outdoor experience, but also have an ultimate purchasing experience. Our goal is to bring creativity above the status quo. 


Our vinyl shop can bring to life just about anything you can dream up. Our ability to heat and bend a piece of vinyl into any shape makes for endless possibilities. Whether you want simple products or unique and exclusive products, we are prepared to help create and supply all vinyl and railing products. 


  • Arches
  • Beam Wraps
  • Bridges
  • Columns
  • Custom Projects
  • Decking
  • Decorative Gable Ends
  • Fencing
  • Pergolas
  • Poly Barn Windows
  • Poly Lumber
  • Railing
  • Routed Basement Stairways
  • Shutters
  • Signage
  • Steps


Clubhouse is well known for their super-dense KoreLite cell structure technology. This simply means the boards themselves are less likely to have any air pockets and are made to last. This technology also helps us, here at Alpha, to create custom bendings for those looking for a unique design.

With TimberTech and AZEK partnering, you get the best of both worlds. TimberTech is mostly decking material where as AZEK includes styles like trim, decorative detailing, and much more.

Deckorators is not only lightweight but also very durable. Since the boards themselves aren’t made of any organic materials they can basically be placed in any conditions and will have little to no signs of weathering or distortion.


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