Here at Alpha, our experienced team offers rolled to order metal panels, standard trim, and custom bent trim pieces in over 28 colors and finishes. Our metal is painted with the highest quality AkzoNobel colors and specialty finishes. Our quick turn-around, custom bending, and great service make us the go-to for any metal building project.



Our A Panel (also known as Ag Panel) is the traditional looking metal panel for sidewall and roof applications, and finishes at a 36” on-center width. It has an anti-siphon and water-tight seal to ensure long-lasting shield to the elements. Pair this with color-matched screws that have built-in seals for secure installation. Our 3/4″ rib with its anti-siphon feature gives you a weather-tight seal.


The Alpine Panel is a taller rib panel than our Ag Panel, and finishes at 35” on-center. On a roof, it has a similar look to standing seam at a fraction of the cost. The overlay edge is slightly overbent and covers an anti-siphon groove to seal the building from weather. For optimal fastening, pair this panel with color-matched WoodMAC screws. For roof applications, try our Snap-Z ridge vents, designed specifically for Alpine Panel.


The Cottage Panel is designed to look like the always popular board and batten finish. It has no striations to create a clean look. This panel finishes at 34” on-center and has a slightly over-bent overlay edge for a weather-tight seal. We recommend only using this panel for sidewall applications and using the low profile WoodGrip screw to maintain the smooth look of the panel.


Our metal department continues to innovate and introduce unique products to the area. We can produce any piece of custom trim you may need for your project.


See how our products look on real homes by designing it yourself! 


We pride ourselves in the highest of quality metal and service. Our Metal team is ready to address any orders or questions you might have for your next building project. With our delivery system supplying the right metal at the right time couldn’t be easier.

To the right are only a few of the many projects we have proudly supplied!


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