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Choosing the right garage door can add value and beauty to your home. We are here to help you whether you prefer a traditional style, desire a contemporary look or have questions about which material is best for your door.

There is no longer a one-size-fits-all garage door. Each home is unique, and as such, garage doors come in a variety of styles and materials including:

CHI Accents door by Alpha Building Center.The Accents style of door looks like a hand crafted wooden door. It has the highest resolution finishes available and accurately portrays non-repeating wood grain so you have a warm, appealing, beautiful door with the durability and strength of steel. The Accents door is available in the Raised Panel, Carriage House, Planks or Flush Overlay styles.

Wood panel door.With the Raised Panel design from C.H.I., you can add depth to your garage door with either the short or long panel option. This style adds slight definition to a classic design by starting with a recessed edge with the interior surface of each panel being brought forward slightly. This style of door comes in either fiberglass or steel.

Shaped from steel or aluminum and embossed with a natural wood grain finish, the Recessed Panel door brings the beauty of traditional wood frame and panel construction with the durability of metal.

If you desire a more contemporary look, the simplicity of the Flush Panel door uses clean, straight lines for elegance without extravagance. This design is available only in steel.

Carriage House Overlay doors from C.H.I. are an excellent collection of traditional doors that offer the strength of steel, the durability of fiberglass or the traditional beauty of wood. Available in fiberglass, steel and wood, they provide detail unavailable anywhere else.

The Carriage House Stamped line of doors brings strength and design together. This series is shaped from steel and embossed with wood grain to replicate the timeless carriage door style but available only in steel for strength and durability.

We sell and install only C.H.I.Overhead doors so you have the best quality door for your garage. Browse our gallery at your convenience to see which one suits your style and would add the most beauty and functionality to your home. Then stop in today to turn your dream into reality.

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