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Sunrise Doors

Decorative Options

Exterior Brickmould

Restore the Classic Look of your Doors

Enjoy the beautiful detail of the integrated exterior brickmould on your Sliding door. The Sunrise brickmould system has a hidden pocket for all installation screws, so the final look of your Sliding door is clean and crisp. You may choose to further customize your Sliding door by making the brickmould a different color than the frame, giving your home a unique touch of character.


Designer Art Glass

The Art of Light

Add an elegant statement to your home by including one of our beautiful, handcrafted insulated leaded glass designs. From contemporary to traditional, these wonderfully arranged patterns will add color, value, and architectural detail to your home. Select from 12 distinct designs, 10 vibrant glass colors, and three different caming colors to create your own work of art.

Grids Between the Glass

Add Style and Ease of Cleaning

A Sliding door with grids sends a welcoming gesture to your guests. There’s just something elegant about a door with grids (also called grilles or muntins). It’s that extra detail that sets them apart from a plain Sliding door. Sunrise offers you 4 distinct styles of grids for you to choose; Colonial, Prairie, Diamond, and Brass Pencil Colonial.

Simulated Divided Lites

Historic Appeal and Design

Instead of grids between the glass, choose Simulated Divided Lites to maintain your home’s classic character. Have all the advantages of a premium-performing Sliding door with thermally-efficient insulating glass, plus the timeless beauty of grids on both the interior and exterior panes of glass. Simulated Divided Lites are available in all of Sunrise’s color combinations.


Capture Light in a New Way

Enhance your home with the elegance of custom grooved glass. This special design treatment is heralded by architects and interior decorators alike for its distinctive charm. Custom grooved glass is available in insulated windows and sliding doors. Pick the style that matches your décor. Custom grooved glass is available in several styles with 3 distinct groove effects to suit your taste.


Door hardware should not have to be the deciding factor of a nice looking door or a not so nice looking door. Furthermore, having hardware that is difficult to use can be such a pain. Sunrise Sliding door handles are specifically designed to be easy to operate, and add a touch of elegance to your doors. A variety of colors, including three architectural finishes allow you to custom design your door finishes to coordinate with your décor.

Colors and Finishes

With more than 130 standard color and finish combinations, Sunrise Doors has made it very convenient for you to get the exact color you need.